Michael McPherson Photography
Some General Guidelines to Selecting A Photographer For Your Wedding
The Style and quality of the photographs should reflect your own tastes.
You will know intuitively if the samples you are looking at feel right for
you. I do not have a set routine that I impose on my clients. I do all the
photography myself and customize the work to my clients' needs and style.
Talk to friends who have recently had weddings in their family. What did
they like? What didn't they like?

The personality of the photographer is of great importance. Who hasn't
heard of the horror stories of the dictator photographer? Be sure you have
someone who you can really get along with. You will be spending time with
this person and it can be a lot of fun.

A detailed discussion of the days events and how they unfold should take
place. Then, the unexpected and spontaneous can happen and be captured in
a fun and organized manner.

You should visit at least a couple of studios so you have a basis for
comparison. Do come by and see my work.

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